D&R Flooring and Renovation

We established in June 2018 and we started this renovation and fit-out sections in August 2020 with intending to provide quality contracting, renovation and fit-out services designed to meet the needs of the public. Our Corporated number is 1167014 BC LTD and our business described as Flooring Retail & Minor Renovations. We are located in 103-20551 Langley Bypass Langley BC V3A 5E8 and we can serve you on Tuesday to Friday 9am to 5pm and Saturday 10am to 4pm.

Hamid Reza Ehtemam is a senior manager of D&R Flooring & Renovation strives to give best services into these groups (1)Construction, Renovation and Fit-Out, (2)Flooring Solutions and Installations and (3)Trading – whereas the client can opt to choose all or any of these services depending on their requirements, whereas opting for all services in one client interface mean reduced time and cost on his part.

D&R Renovation completed projects are products of our dedication, hard work and craftsmanship as evidenced by repeat clients and client’s referral to friends and relatives. Our commitment to providing quality services at a reasonable cost and our guarantee to see the project into its completion is what we are. The faith of our client in us, in the delivery and completion, is what makes us what we are today.

It is D&R Flooring & Renovation promise – to provide our clients with the best service, at the most reasonable price and at the earliest time.


Our mission is to be the most innovative in terms of construction and to provide our clients with quality renovation and contracting services.  Hamid Ehtemam as a senior manager with having strong teams including Hamed Ashkan (EngineerInTraining) as a middle manager, Kamran Khan (Project Manager) and other staff tries to make your dream into a reality and this means seeking new methods to strengthen money.

D&R Flooring & Renovation aims aggressively in growing bigger and bigger by meeting and exceeding our client’s requirements. We are driven to strive only for the best in international quality standard, we care about our clients and we aim to make a difference.

 Since our humble beginnings, our best efforts to excel has not been in vain.  We have excelled our expectations by satisfactorily completing numerous projects to the great satisfaction of our clients. Also, we have the latest technologies, methodologies and techniques that are being adopted in all areas of our work.

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