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A Guide to Painting Your Walls

A Guide to Painting Your Walls

Over time, homes wear out and need to be repaired to make better use of them. Renovation of the house increases the residents’ quality of life by improving the functional spaces and compensates for the negative points of the house building plan. Renovating an old building is the best way to make a difference in your living space. In addition, renovation and change of use of old buildings will increase the value of the property. Reconstruction of a building depends on various factors, including how old the building is. The reconstruction has multiple stages, including the visible parts and the underlying and obscure parts.

Ideas for home remodeling

If you plan to renovate your home, you are definitely looking for new ideas; Ideas that can make a big difference in your apartment and house at the lowest possible cost. As you know, the reconstruction of a building is a job where having enough experience and skills is very important. But if you want to make changes in the appearance of your home, you can do it using the techniques and methods that you read in this article.

Wall painting

One idea in home remodeling is to use paint. You can give your apartment and house a new look by taking a little distance from traditional colors. To do this, you must first consult a professional painter. Building painters are familiar with the basics of making mixed colors. We suggest using colors such as light turquoise blue and gray for the main living room. Making colors that are not unique to the market is a bit difficult.

You can show your creativity and fresh ideas by painting the main reception hall. On the other hand, the color you choose should have a good harmony or contrast with the color of the furniture and curtains. For example, gray walls are usually in perfect balance with the color of purple curtains. For gold furniture, colors such as pistachio kernel green will have a high effect. Ultimately the decision is up to you.

Pattern design on the wall

Another interesting and inexpensive idea that can be very helpful in renovating a home is to use special designs for the walls. For example, in painting the walls, you can draw designs of flowers or pictures of various birds on the wall. Again, using this idea is very inexpensive.

All you need to do is prepare a template that, after the initial painting of the walls as a background, can display your desired designs in white. Remember to start by dividing the walls. For example, you can transversely divide the main hall wall and begin designing the walls from top to bottom. The butterfly design on the wall can also turn out to be exciting and attractive.

Combination of wallpaper and paint

The next idea is using a unique design for one wall instead of duplicate wallpaper designs and painting the other walls with wallpaper background colors. Also, there is a new type of wallpaper on the market today, which is three-dimensional and has unique designs of nature that save the walls from boredom and look prominent from a distance. You can use these designs in bedrooms.

The space behind the TV

Another idea that can be implemented using Knauf materials or antique stones is to design and build the space behind the TV. To do this, first determine where you want to place the TV? Then, according to the dimensions of the TV, you can specify a specific and beautiful geometric design on the wall and start the performance by using Knauf material or antique stones.

Knauf’s are a group of very cheap materials that can be implemented at a very high speed. Finally, by coloring over the Knauf, you can implement what you have created in your mind. Note that Knauf definitely needs to be painted.

Therefore, be sure to calculate the cost of Knauf color for the back of the TV in your estimates. You can also buy antique stones from the market and apply them to the wall using special adhesives, which you can easily do by yourself.


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