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Top 7 Decoration Trends Of 2021

Top 7 Decoration Trends Of 2021

The year 2020 brought many unexpected challenges that fundamentally changed the way we live in our homes. With the onset of the coronavirus, many people are more inclined to work, play, exercise, and socialize at home. For this reason, the design of living spaces has received more attention than before. Here, we will review the top seven decoration trends of 2021, the philosophy behind which is basically leaving a challenging year. If you are looking to change the decoration of your home for the new year, stay tuned.

1. Memory play

One of the biggest decoration trends of 2021 is not new at all because it comes from ancient times! People turn to past design styles for comfort and security, including the Victorian era, Art Deco, the beauties of the grandmother’s house, and traditional and classic decoration styles in general.

According to a survey conducted by Modsy online interior design service, traditional and classic interior design styles, despite being the least popular among Modsy customers in previous years, have become 6% and 11% more popular this year, respectively.

2. Use fabrics and surfaces that are easy to clean

COVID-19 has caused many homeowners to pay more attention to cleaning. Therefore, designers predict that cleaning materials will become more popular to prevent germs from spreading indoors.

Designers expect to see an increase in non-porous materials such as glass and metal, which are less prone to bacterial growth, less dirty, and easier to clean.

This trend also applies to soft surfaces such as carpets or fabrics, meaning that materials that are more resistant to stains and abrasions are likely to be more popular.

3. Use warm khaki colors

In terms of colors, expect tonnages have heated up in 2021. Designers believe that based on what we shared in 2020, our homes need more warmth, comfort, and coziness than ever before. Pantone Company has chosen the color of 2021 as yellow and gray.

4. Soothing blue

Although Pantone has chosen the pair of yellow and gray as the color of 2021, it seems that this year, renovators use soft shades of blue in home decoration. Why? Because it has a very calming effect.

For example, Etsy chose sky blue as the color of 2021 after seeing a 39% increase in searches for light blue items in the past three months (compared to the same period last year). Since light blue is reminiscent of sky blue and sea blue, it can significantly affect relaxing the home space. That is what we desperately need after the chaos of 2020.

5. Use of natural materials

Last year, we saw an interest in bamboo furniture and mats, which continues as a 2021 decoration trend. Natural materials such as light-colored wood, hemp, leather, ceramics, and living plants continue to adorn many homes in the New Year. Designers suggest using various natural tools and crafts in a layered space to create depth and texture.

6. Pay attention to privacy

In 2020, many families learned how to live together under one roof from morning till night. For this reason, houses in which each room is integrated into another room have drastically lost their popularity. The epidemic has forced us all to realize how important our space is. It is crucial to create a specific area for different activities such as remote working or home education because it creates more privacy and limits distractions.

For this reason, attention to personal space and privacy is the decoration trend of 2021, both in decoration and in planning.

7. Use of sustainable and environmentally-friendly equipment

More focus on sustainability is undoubtedly the decoration trend of 2021. sustainability is a broad topic that affects many aspects of our daily lives, including how to furnish and design home furnishings. Today, most people are in favor of quality products rather than cheap ones. They prefer to buy quality and environmentally friendly products to cheap and low-quality products.

Because trends also affect furniture and décor quickly, people’s desire to buy sustainably and invest in quality furniture that they can keep for years has increased dramatically.

This year, when buying furniture and decorative items, look for materials that its manufacturers have approved, and you feel good about its environmental effects.


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