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Using Gold In Interior Decorations

Using Gold In Interior Decorations

These days, golden color is widely used in interior decoration design. Gold is glamorous and has been associated with royalty and luxurious spaces throughout history.

Adding golden color to the decoration will create a stylish and dignified atmosphere. However, doing so has its principles which we will go through in this post.

Home decoration in golden color

Gold is the same energetic yellow color with extra shine added to it at different percentages. Gold is used a lot for decoration. If this color is used correctly, it adds a gentle but vibrant warmth to the room and makes the space more beautiful, but if the proportions are not observed, this attractive color will make the space very annoying, and a golden house is a dull house.;

Modern gold; Classic gold

In the classic style, gold is more popular and makes the space luxurious. The golden color is used in traditional style on inlays and wooden and bronze tools that are full of patterns.

The use of gold in the modern style makes it luxurious. The golden color is used in contemporary style on smoother surfaces; for example, in a modern house with a brick wall, you should gild only a few bricks or install a simple golden frame on the wall without any pictures.

Remove local light

The golden color shines in the environment, so you should not use local light in the space because it will reduce the effect of the golden color. So do not use the golden color in places with natural light because when the gold is exposed to direct sunlight, the radiance of that will hurt the eyes.

In dark environments, use golden color for decoration to make your environment shine because golden color has the most glow in the dark spaces.

Combining gold with all color groups and with all colors from white to black is attractive. However, it is better to combine golden color with popular colors such as cyan, purple and black, to make the decoration beautiful and attractive.

Matte or glossy gold decoration?

The most luxurious color, which is also the most expensive metal in the world, is gold. In decoration, golden color is used in the matte or glossy form. Remember that in modern style, gold color is used minimally (brief and limited) with a matte coating and as little as possible, but if we want the golden color to pop more, use glossy gold.

Using golden color for the living room

The interior design of the living room is more important than other rooms. The use of golden color in the living room creates a luxurious atmosphere. Although, it is better to use golden colors in combination with blue and black colors.

To combine gold with blue or black, use very little of a gold color that is bright and warm, and use more cold colors instead.

Combination of white and gold for decoration design

White is a neutral color. Therefore, people use this color next to other colors such as gold to design the interior decoration to make the decoration look stylish and modern.

Gold and red color combination in interior design

One of the oldest combinations of gold color that can be seen in restaurant spaces is gold and red color. Use red to combine gold and red minimally, in the form of a few cushions and small objects, and use the rest as gold.

Combination of gold and green colors in interior design

One of the most pleasant spaces is the presence of green next to gold. This combination makes the space eye-catching and relaxing. It is more common in classic areas, especially if you use green velvet fabrics.

Using golden color in the bedroom

Creating a sense of comfort in the bedroom is very important in interior decoration. The golden color is glamorous, and it is better to use it in bedroom accessories, cushions, and curtains. If the bedroom accessories are simple, it is better to use a crowded gold wallpaper for the bedroom wall.

Using gold color in the kitchen

Use very little gold in the kitchen and only use this color as a strip around the cabinets or ceramic in the middle of the cabinets.

If your kitchen does not have enough suitable light, give a unique beauty to the space with a little golden color. To revitalize the kitchen with golden color, paint the wall under the window in yellowish gold and the rest in cream.

Choose deep red or honey colors for the kitchen curtains and yellow or gold colors for the kitchen ceiling chandeliers. Place a crimson ceramic vase with red flowers on the kitchen table or island cabinet to complete the arrangement.

To decorate a kitchen and dining room with little light, use a combination of gold and white. By combining these colors in your dining room and kitchen space, you can create a stylish and unique decoration.

Essential points for using golden color in decoration

The gold color is usually used in furniture coils. Gold is generally used for places with smaller volumes, and vast areas like walls or couch cushions are typically painted with cold colors such as blue, gray, and green to make the gold more visually appealing.


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