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Wooden cabinets, the most beautiful element in the heart of the house

Wooden cabinets, the most beautiful element in the heart of the house

Wooden cabinets are one of the most popular and beautiful types of cabinets. This material has a natural beauty and texture and if properly maintained, it is durable and long-lasting. Due to the popularity of these cabinets among people, many manufacturers use different types of wood with different characteristics to make this element to satisfy customers.

Why is wood a suitable material for making cabinets?

The most important feature of this material is that it has a beautiful color and covers different color spectrums. What distinguishes wood from other options is its natural texture, which encourages many people to use it.

One of the most important features of wood is its corrosion ability. In addition, many people prefer to use wood-like materials such as thermofoil and laminate instead of natural samples. What makes this material popular among people is its natural appearance and texture.

Advantages of wooden cabinets

The most important difference between wooden cabinets and other types of cabinets is its high strength and durability.

Wood design cabinets are extremely beautiful.

These cabinets have a great variety of designs and colors.

Wooden cabinets are among the cabinets that have the ability to adapt to other kitchen elements. This feature allows you to use this material along with other elements. Doing so can ultimately create a beautiful look in the kitchen design.

The ability to paint wooden cabinets allows renovation for many years.

Although wooden cabinets are expensive, the cost of installation and repair is reasonable compared to their price.

Disadvantages of wooden cabinets

Perhaps one of the biggest disadvantages of buying such cabinets is their high price. Quality, durability and compatibility with other materials are among the features that have increased the price of these cabinets.

Other disadvantages of using wooden kitchen cabinets are difficult construction and installation and time on them compared to other cabinets. So if your situation is such that you are in a hurry to build a cabinet, it is better not to choose a wooden cabinet.

One of the major disadvantages of wooden cabinets is their low resistance to moisture. Of course, this problem also has a solution. The use of quality coatings during manufacturing can greatly prevent damage to them if exposed to moisture.

These cabinets need more care than other models. To clean them, you must use special detergents and take care of them over time.

Insects such as termites can cause serious damage to wooden cabinets.

One-panel wooden cabinets

The door of these cabinets has a panel that is surrounded by a covering frame. These cabinets are basically called Bao or Pasar. For Bao cabinets, natural wood color, white color and gray color are usually used. This type of cabinets is used for traditional and contemporary styles.

Traditional style wooden cabinets

Traditional cabinets have many details and have many crowns and columns. Framed and built-in doors have vintage handles and natural wood colors. This cabinet model is mainly used in classic and old styles.

Contemporary and modern style wooden cabinets

In addition to the traditional style, wooden cabinets are also made in a modern style. These cabinets have a flat derby and no details, and simple fittings are installed on them. This style of cabinet is usually used in modern or small kitchens.

What should you know before buying a wooden cabinet?

One of the points that you should be aware of when buying wooden cabinets is how to balance the design style and use of wooden cabinets. Although many manufacturers use natural wood to make cabinets, it is best to use samples with natural veneers when choosing cabinets.

Also note that wooden cabinets are properly polished in all stages of construction. In this case, you will face the least problem in using these beautiful cabinets.

Types of wood used in making cabinets

As you know, there are different types of wood and choosing a suitable example of them for making cabinets is an important point that should be considered. Oak, pine, maple, cherry and walnut are some of the woods that can be used to make cabinets.

Oak wood

One of the advantages of using oak wood to make cabinets is their durability and longevity. This wood has a beautiful appearance and is available in different colors such as white and red. Red oak is one of the best woods used in cabinet making. Oak wood is reasonably priced and very beautiful and brilliant.

Pine wood

If you are looking to buy a wooden cabinet at a reasonable price, we suggest choosing a sample that uses pine wood. But keep in mind that this wood is soft and bends easily and has many knots. Hence it needs a lot of maintenance.

Maple wood

Maple wood has a high resistance and has a natural and extraordinary beauty. Maple wood is streaked, has a fine texture, uniform and a stable light colored base. So if you are looking for a solid cabinet for your modern kitchen, maple wood can be a good option.

Cherry tree wood

Cherry wood is very popular among people and has a special beauty. This wood has a long life and durability and is an example of the most expensive types of wood. Cherry wood weighs a lot and has a high density. Be careful not to expose these cabinets to sunlight, as they may change color over time.

Walnut tree wood

Walnut wood has similar properties to cherry wood. Walnut wood has a variety of colors and its selection should be done in accordance with other elements. Walnut wood is beautiful, durable, dense and with very clear veins.

Alder wood

Alder wood has many small and large knots that give it a unique beauty. The color of this type of wood is light reddish brown, which looks very attractive and special after being made as a cabinet.


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