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10 Common Mistakes in Renovation

10 Common Mistakes in Renovation

Renovation occurs when the needs of the family change or when the building is in need of maintenance. Unfortunately, sometimes renovation is done without considering all the requirements and costs of the whole project as well as lack of proper planning. These mistakes create more significant damages and generate a lot of money and quality loss. 

Unknown reasons for renovation

Why are you thinking of making changes? What made you decide to renovate? Are you sure you want to change some parts of your home and are willing to pay for it? Assessing the reasons for the reconstruction is very important because the hasty and unreasonable decision will cause a lot of damage.

Incorrect project cost estimate

Before starting the project, make a budget and a list of necessary materials. If not sure, consult with a consultant or designer about the costs. Then, after ensuring sufficient funding for the whole work, start it. Do not forget to always stick to your budget and work with a designer and executor who is comfortable with your budget, reconstruct the space, and be sure about it.

Lack of coordination between budget and renovation plan

Share and agree on what you have in mind for a renovation along with your desired materials with the architect as well as the executor. Because the lack of coordination of planning for the desired design and sufficient budget upsets the balance. So, the procedure goes against your mind, and it will cause dissatisfaction for you and confusion in the project.

Closing the contract without evaluation

It is crucial to choose an experienced architect and project manager. Consult with knowledgeable people to find the right person and see previous examples of how they organize the project and expenses at a specific time. Remember, you will give up a lot of time and money without achieving the desired result with the wrong choice.

New decoration with a very personal and unique taste

If you follow unique and extravagant ideas for repairs and changes, you may have trouble selling your property later. Grand ideas don’t suit the taste of the majority of the public. So it is best not to use very bold colors or themes. Instead, make changes according to aesthetic factors, the basics of interior decoration, and the space’s proportions. Otherwise, you will have to pay a lot of money to change the house again before selling it.

Designing based on current trends

Following the current trends in decoration styles and the type of design for the house is not an idea or a good reason for reconstruction because trends may dominate the society for a very short time and change constantly. So the basis for choosing materials or design style of the day for reconstruction can not be a good option. Because when the trend changes, the need to renovate and follow new trends that dominate society is felt.

Misconception: Renovation changes everything

Forget that with home remodeling, you can transform one space into another or incorporate a very different style into your home. Consult with an architect in advance about your overall design and style, and then decide on remodeling.

Reduce costs for materials that are not visible

Removing or reducing the cost and the quality of materials used in parts of the house that are not visible and are hidden behind surfaces like parquets or walls is very wrong. The quality of materials in all regions, especially the interior, and built-in parts build strength and sufficient resistance. If you do not pay attention and use inappropriate materials, it will need more work and cost more of your hard-earned cash.

Safety ignorance at work

Before starting work, consider the house plan and ask the experts to view the load-bearing walls’ location and the columns’ location to avoid possible dangers and damages to electrical circuits and pipelines.

Lack of attention to privacy and work permits

To renovate the house and finish the project within a specific time and within the declared boundaries, it is necessary to obtain a work permit. If you do not follow the rules, you may have to stop the work or give it up or destroy it. Therefore, not paying attention to permits will waste a lot of time and money.


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