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4 Steps To Cleaning Wooden Furniture

4 Steps To Cleaning Wooden Furniture

There are several ways to clean wooden furniture. Most of the time, for the pleasant and beautiful effect of wooden accessories to stay like the first day, it is better to clean and polish them regularly with principled methods.

In the continuation of this article, we will present an effective way and method for polishing wooden tools. 

The basic steps for polishing wooden furniture

The beauty of wooden furniture and accessories is sometimes reduced due to exposure to sunlight, moisture, heat, and sometimes impact. But their effect on the overall look of the house can not be ignored or eliminated. It would be considerably better if you used effective solutions to polish them so that they shine as if you just bought them.

Of course, it is pretty natural that accessories such as tables, cupboards, wooden furniture, showcases and sideboards, and many other available wooden accessories need to be re-glazed. In the following, step by step, we will explain the solutions for re-glazing and polishing wooden furniture.

First Step; Choosing the right time

An essential point to think about is that when it comes to polishing wooden appliances, you need to make sure that you do not need them and do not have to use them for the next 3 to 5 hours. Not using the furniture will allow the polishing material to dry on the wood and leave no trace like a handprint.

Second step; using the right appliances for polishing

In order to start polishing wooden furniture and equipment, you must have a series of tools with you. These include the following:

  • Gloves (wearing gloves prevents handprints from remaining on the wood)
  • Cotton cloth napkins
  • Spray bottle for damping a cloth
  • Q-tips are needed to clean the corners and seams of wooden furniture
  • Wax
  • Wood color polish to fill lines and scratches

Third step; Dusting of wooden accessories

Before we start polishing wooden furniture and accessories, we need to clean them well from dust. You can use cotton or wool cloth for this purpose. First, of course, it is necessary to sprinkle a tiny amount of water on the fabric to moisten it a little. Then make sure that all the seams and joints between the wood are cleaned of dust.

The fourth stage; Pay attention to the type of wood on the furniture

To clean and polish wooden accessories, you must pay attention to their kind. Because each type of wood may get damaged with specific kinds of cleaning products and therefore lose some of its beauty.

According to these steps, depending on the kind of wood and the paint used for it or even the stain created, now, we will discuss solutions for polishing and glazing different wooden furniture.

Cleaning walnut and beech wood

Walnut and beech are usually the most expensive types of wood and have high strength. So first, to make them shiny, do the basic steps such as dusting the surface and its seams.

Now it is better to fill the scratch marks with wood paint polish. Then, allow it to dry completely. Then thoroughly clean the surface with a cotton swab dipped in a tiny amount of wax.

Cleaning painted wooden furniture

To polish painted wooden accessories and furniture, first polish any scratches on them. Then all you should do is wipe them with a clean cloth and spray them with a very small amount of wax.

Cleaning bare wood

One thing to keep in mind is that most raw or bare wooden accessories and have not been painted or polished have a matte color. That’s why it’s a little harder to polish them. Of course, their beauty is sometimes that they are opaque, but for variety, sometimes it is necessary to polish them.

In some cases, the use of polishes can be an excellent way to glaze raw wooden accessories. But keep in mind that in this case, you have created a permanent glaze for bare wood.

Maintenance of wood after cleaning

After polishing wooden furniture, the important thing to consider is to take good care of them so that their shine and luster last longer. It is better to place wooden accessories in a place away from sunlight. 

Also, high humidity and heat, such as near a fireplace, can cause the polishing and radiance of wooden furniture to disappear. For this reason, it is best to keep wooden accessories away from moisture and heat. Doing so will even prevent them from becoming pale and wilted.

It is better to use the mentioned solutions to polish wooden furniture. If these solutions are always done, wooden accessories will always look healthy and new.

Of course, if there are scratches and dents on them, it is better to remove those first and then perform effective solutions for glazing.


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