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4 Steps To Giving Your Building A New Look

4 Steps To Giving Your Building A New Look

The facade is one of the most important aspects and parts of the building. Given that it shapes the appearance and exterior of a building, it actually reflects the identity and personality of the building and its occupants.

The exterior and facade of the building are visible to everyone who passes by and reflects a large part of the economic and social status of residents and property owners and a visual representation of the building designer’s order and artistic taste. The more beautiful the facade, the better and more beautiful it makes the city and its region and attracts passers-by and customers in commercial and office buildings.

Now the facade can be reconstructed for various reasons:

  • Damage 
  • Facade wear
  • Loss of resistor
  • To renovate and give a new look 
  • Change of Use

All these cases that lead to facade reconstruction have separate and different details and processes for designing and executing. Still, facade reconstruction can be summarized in several parts and main stages with specific principles and rules.

Step 1: Harvest

At this stage, specialists and engineers examine and interpret the current view. This step is essential and detailed because it is in this process that the defects and parts that need to be repaired are identified. Some elements might need reinforcement, or some designs could need re-structuring and repair of the structural system. If professionals do not do this step, the selected and designed facade may be damaged as the reconstruction goes on. The type of material implemented on the building may not be evaluated according to many criteria or require infrastructure that was not anticipated.

Step Two: Design

After the harvesting, the design process begins. In designing the facade of the building, the first thing to pay attention to is the reconstruction rules and regulations in your region. The designer develops and executes the facade according to various issues and features. One of the most important issues is the type of use and activity that takes place in the building. The appearance of a residential building should be different from the view of a commercial or cultural building. For example, in a residential building, the facade should be stylish and orderly for the residents. But in a commercial place, the priority is to be unique and attract all passers-by, and the facade should have the charm for attracting customers. In addition, issues such as the typical type of landscaping in your city and region are important and should be given a lot of attention. The budget that you should consider for reconstructing the facade is also considered at this stage, and the designer should form the design accordingly.

Step 3: Select and purchase materials

Part of this stage, dedicated to the general selection of facade materials, is done in the design stage. Employers usually do not have a clear background on the cost of materials available in the market, and when they reach this stage, they realize that the prices are much higher than their intended budget. A professional renovation company will provide a pre-invoice with 10% to 20% tolerance from design to finish, depending on your budget. You can forecast all the costs and prices of some materials and what you want to use, and many issues and fees will be apparent to you, and you can have the best choice.

Step 4: Execute

After the design and purchase of materials, it is time to execute the plans. Execution of a reconstructed facade is very sensitive. Due to the defects and damages that the previous facade has placed on the building, it is challenging to reconstruct the facade during this stage, which any executive team cannot do. In addition, designs may be designed and selected for your building that require a professional team, and a typical team can not handle the details. The same company that did the facade design work should do the execution for your work. Again, you have to consider that if you do not choose a professional team to execute your reconstruction, the finished result will have a significant visual difference from the three-dimensional designs that you have seen in the design stage. In addition, the implementation costs are an essential part of your total budget, which, as we said, is better to work with a reputable facade reconstruction company to clear the costs of the implementation to some extent.


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