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5 Important Reasons For Renovating Your House

5 Important Reasons For Renovating Your House

Renovation of a residential building includes the kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, terrace, and other parts of the house. There are several reasons for reconstructing these parts, the most important of which are discussed in this article.

1. Renovation of a house due to repairing damages

Sometimes a part of the house is damaged. This damage can be to the structure or the home facilities. The water pipe may crack or burst due to temperature fluctuations, in which case water will leak to the floor below. To solve this problem, you should dig up the floor in that part and determine the place of cracking and replace the defective pipe. Then that part of the ground is repaired with similar material. You must also repair the roof of the lower floor so that first that part of the roof is plastered, and after the plaster dries, it is painted.

The moisture from the kitchen floor or the bathroom floor might leak through floor insulation, which causes problems for the downstairs ceiling. In this case, you should dig the ground in that part until the insulation is reached, new insulation should be done entirely with overlay, and then the floor should be paved.

After flooring, we use the same previous floor materials (tiles, stones, ceramics, etc.) to cover the floor.

There may be another reason to rebuild and fix a breakdown. For example, the cooling and heating system of a house has broken down, and it is not possible to repair it due to overperformance or lack of equipment. In this case, the cooling and heating facilities, and perhaps partially the electrical system, must be replaced. In the meantime, some parts, such as walls, floors, and ceilings (to replace old pipes and new plumbing), will definitely be carved, which must be repaired after re-installation work.

2. Reconstruction of a residential building due to the opening of space

Renovation can be due to a change in the appearance of the home environment. The main reason is to open the space, add to the area of ​​a part by destroying a wall or swapping two different rooms. For example, in the living room and kitchen, by removing a wall, it is possible to make the area appear larger and more open. Or by changing the shape of the kitchen to an island system, as well as removing the doors and walls, you can help open it up. More open space can improve the arrangement of home appliances and provide space for storing devices that you could not use due to lack of space.

Sometimes in 3-bedroom or 4-bedroom houses, you can enlarge the living space by demolishing one of the bedrooms’ walls. Of course, in this type of reconstruction, you should pay attention to the house plan and choose the best option to make the environment more beautiful.

In some areas, such as the living room, removing the terrace can help increase the space. Of course, you must take care not to make significant changes to the building’s exterior, as removing the terrace requires replacing previous windows and minor changes to the building’s facade.

3. Renovation of the house due to beautification of the environment

There is a lot to be said about this topic. Making your home more beautiful is not just about living and entertaining. You can design and then implement a stunning and efficient bathroom and even an ideal and luxurious bathroom. This part of the reconstruction, according to the allocated budget, covers a wide range of materials. 

Therefore, the budget intended for reconstruction is an essential point in making the space more beautiful and luxurious.

Luxurious plastering on the ceiling and walls and creating luxury paintings in the classic style reconstruction make the space very attractive and stylish. Beautifying home spaces by renovating, raises the morale of the people living in the house and stimulates people’s emotions. Of course, you should not do renovation to make the home more beautiful at a high cost. Sometimes with cheap but stylish materials, the rooms can be changed and made more attractive. But the important point is that the life and durability of cheap materials is low, and you may need to be rebuilt again in the coming years.

The design of spaces before the start of reconstruction also plays a critical role in selecting beautiful materials at a reasonable price.

4. Reconstruction of the building due to the long life of the house

The useful life of houses and buildings varies, but usually, after 10 to 12 years, some parts of the house break down. For example, after a few years of the building’s life and soil subsidence, cracks appear in the walls, ceiling, and even ceramic tiles and floor stones, the house facilities are old and worn out and need a lot of services, or they have run out of warranty. Therefore, it requires the replacement of the heating and cooling systems. Thus, at this time, reconstruction is necessary and must be done immediately.

You can use a ducted split system to change the cooling and heating system at the same time. Duct split is a type of installation system with both cooling and heating.

Five-layer polyethylene and cover pipes can be used to replace old and worn pipes. Reconstruction due to the long life of the building is included in different parts of the building.

5. Reconstruction of a residential building due to a change in lifestyle (or change of use)

With the advancement of technology and changing needs, and moving towards modern life, people’s lifestyles change. This change can lead to the simplicity of volumes, the reduction of private spaces, and the tendency to connect with open spaces (such as terraces). In recent years, we have witnessed a change in the style of kitchen construction. Today, kitchens are no longer considered a space of separation. Today, in the reconstruction of the old houses’ kitchens, in which the kitchens were a separate space, they are transformed into open or island kitchens.

Changing the use of a residential home to an office and company also requires its own changes. For example, glass partitioning (creating a semi-private space) in the home environment and turning it into an office space is an example of renovating a house and turning it into an office environment.


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