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8 steps To Renovate An Apartment Building

8 steps To Renovate An Apartment Building

Reconstruction of an apartment building does not only include the individual apartments, and after several years of the building’s life, worn and damaged parts need to be repaired. To identify the reconstruction cases in a building, we separated the different parts of the building to deal with it in more detail.

1. Reconstruction of the building facade

The facade of the building is the first part of the building to be seen. So, by renovating it and creating beauty in the viewer’s eyes, we will also help make the urban space more beautiful. After a few years of the building’s life, due to the loss of adhesion of the material, the facade stones begin to fall, which is very dangerous. To do the reconstruction, we screw and dowel the stones to the facade. Of course, after finishing the work, we cover the screws with colored stone powder (the same color as the facade material) so that the place of the hole on the facade is not visible.

We may have decided to change the entire look altogether. In this case, we must destroy the previous material, and a new facade must be executed based on the desired design. 

Items used in facade reconstruction are washed cement, stone or Roman facade, ceramic, composite, color, wood, glass, etc. Each of which has its own infrastructure and execution method.

2. Reconstruction of the parking lot or garage

Parking is one of those parts of the building that always has the last priority for reconstruction. Stones and ceramics of the wall are cracked or broken, burnt lights and poor lighting, broken jack of the parking door, painted ceiling, broken ventilation, loose or cracked stone or mosaic on the floors, are all part of parking renovation.

3. Elevator reconstruction

It may not be permissible to say the word renovation for a building elevator, and periodic service is responsible for the elevator’s proper functioning. Still, the elevator car is one of the parts that falls within the scope of reconstruction work. For example, painting the cabin with fresh paint, replacing the mirror inside the cabin if broken, changing the elevator car’s floor, removing scratches on the cabin steel, and restoring other things such as cabin lighting.

4. Reconstruction of electrical and mechanical facilities

The engine room is usually the most repaired part during the life of a building. In most cases, the breakdowns are due to insufficient knowledge of the installation cases. For example, cast iron boilers, burners, pumps, etc. If they are operated below the building’s standard capacity, they are constantly damaged due to pressure on the equipment. So it is better to fix this issue once for at least five years.

Electrical installations such as emergency power supplies, yard lighting, parking lot lighting, worn-out cables, and electrical wiring in all other areas should be inspected and repaired. Even in the entrances and courtyards where the lights are always on, COB or SMD lamps can reduce power consumption.

The facade’s lighting will be damaged after a few years and will make the facade dull and lifeless at night. This part is also one of the parts that we must repair in order to maintain the beautiful appearance of the building at night.

5. Reconstruction of the yard

The yard and open area of ​​any building, if it is beautiful, can create peace for the people living in the building. Children usually spend their free time in the yard. We can bring the yard to life by creating a beautiful green space, building a pavilion, attractive lighting, and so on. Repair of the yard and yard lighting system, repair of the faucet for irrigation of the green space, and painting the entrance door to the front yard are also included in the yard’s reconstruction.

6. Reconstruction of the lobby

After the facade and the courtyard, the building lobby is the most visited part of the building. The more stylish the lobby, the stronger its impact on the building’s occupants and guests’ minds. So if we want to renovate the lobby of a tower or an apartment building, it is better to design it according to the budget.

Design of guarding and monitoring, luxurious floor stones, beautiful lighting, proper ventilation and inspection of the lobby’s cooling and heating system, replacement of manual glass opening doors and use of automatic glass doors, etc., can be part of the reconstruction located in the lobby.

7. Reconstruction of stairs

Reconstruction of stairs in buildings with elevators, such as parking, is not a priority and is in the last stages of reconstruction. Stairs can be renovated, such as painting the ceiling and walls, replacing cracked stones on the floor and walls, repairing lighting, and painting stair railings.

8. Roof reconstruction

Repairing roof insulation is a prominent part of roof remodeling. As we know, roof insulation is worn out after a few years and needs to be insulated. The stones over the parapet will also loosen due to temperature fluctuations, and they could fall to the floor. So we have to either screw and dowel them or repair them with new materials. If a roof garden is installed on the rooftop, the irrigation system, lighting, floor wood, faucets, and plumbing should be checked and repaired if necessary.


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